important message for volunteers

Kirsten Beasley, Volunteer Manager

volunteer events cancelled until further notice

Effective immediately (as of March 13, 2020), we will suspend all outside visitors from entering our campus until further notice.  This includes Volunteers, In-Kind donors and anyone seeking a tour. 

volunteer applications - you may still apply

This is a temporary situation, and we expect to be needing volunteers as soon as we are able to return to normal.  Please contact our volunteer manager to learn how to volunteer. in the future. 

NOTE: - Groups scheduled to serve lunches

Please note - any groups scheduled to serve lunches during the month of March should contact our volunteer manager at (713) 466-4785 ext 107. 

current needs - how you can help

In-Kind donations, donations of food, water, toiletries, diapers and cleaning supplies ban still be brought in person or delivered to the front gate.  However, please note - we will not be accepting donations of clothing, household items, furniture or electronics until further notice. 

We rely on you

Soon, this will be over and we will be back to a normal routine.  Thank you for hanging in there, and understanding this is all about safety!  Thank you for always supporting us.   Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

Kirsten Beasley, Volunteer Manager  (713) 466-4785 ext 107

Volunteer spotlight

Faithbridge Church - Volunteers for over 4 years Helping Us Help Houston's Homeless

Manula Shaw - Board Member, Financial Coach

Volunteer Spotlight

 Manjula Shaw from Tanglewood Legacy Advisors, LLC gives her time weekly to teach our Journey To Job Readiness class about financial planning while job hunting, in between jobs, after you get hired, and for retirement. She also serves on our Board of Directors and we're very grateful to have her on our team! 

Current Volunteer Needs


Family Serve

Family Serve


  • Volunteer with Children - Evenings (6 to 8pm) while Moms are in Church Service
  • Reading to children, Help with Tutorials)
  • Outdoor Activities (kids)
  • Data Entry
  • Kitchen Help -preparing meals or serving meals.

Family Serve

Family Serve

Family Serve


  • Movie Night with the Kids
  • Host a Meal
  • Sort Clothing/Donations Resale Shop
  • Games/Trivia
  • Host Karaoke 
  • Wash Mission Vans
  • PowerWash
  • Kids Activities (outdoors)
  • Food Drive for our Pantry 
  • Kitchen Help -preparing meals or serving meals. 

Availability can be daytime, evenings and/or weekends.  Tell us your availability and we'll figure out where is best for you and your family to serve. 


Family Serve



  • Paint Rooms
  • Paint Doors 
  • Help finish painting indoor buildings (hallways ) 
  • Movie Night
  • Game NIght
  • Help Plan /Host an activity (Zoo Day, Bowling, Laser Tag, Batting Cages etc.)  
  • Host Karaoke 
  • Heavy Lifters (move big donations like the furniture showroom)