Staff and Board Contact Information


Executive Director

Richard Hill, Executive Director

(713) 466-4785 ext 112


Management Team

Barbara Moore, Resident Director

Richard Hill, Executive Director

Tameka Pounds, Client Services Director

Tammie Jeffers, Donor Relations Director

Pastor Geraldine Scott, Pastor 

Board of Directors


Back Row (left to right)

Michael Sinclair, Parliamentarian

Mike Crigler, Board Member

Gradi Hamman, Board Member

David Schrandt, Board Member

Todd King, Board Member

Richard HIll, Executive Director

Front Row (left to right)

Elizabeth Salathe, Young Professionals Board Member

Matt Lara, Board Member, and Young Professionals Board

Kari Work, Board Member

Terri Alexander, Board Member

Greg Smith, Board Chairman

Manjula Shaw, Board Member

Debra Witherspoon, Board Member

Dick Baker, Advisory Board Member

Janelle Reid, Board Secretary

Not Shown 

Ellen Cody, Assistant Treasurer

LeTricia Wilbanks, Board Member

Joyce Pankonien, Treasurer


Our Staff




If you are seeking Shelter in Houston or are referring someone for residence, contact: 

Mission of Yahweh in Houston  

Ms Barbara Pierce (713) 466-4785 ext 100

Hours: Monday through Friday 9 am to 3pm 



Resident Management Team


If you need to speak to the campus management team contact:

Barbara Moore, Resident Director or

Consetta Jones, Weekend Resident Manager

(713) 466-4785 EXT 108


volunteering and campus events


Any questions about volunteering or events on campus for residents  please contact:

Kirsten Beasley, Volunteer Manager

(713) 466-4785 ext 107


Financial Donations

If you need to speak to someone about financial donations or fundraising events, please contact

Tammie Jeffers, Donor Relations Director

(713) 466-4785 ext 105.


Donating Items

If you need to speak to someone about donating items onsite, or food donations, please contact 

Melissa Mejia,  Donor Relations Manager

(713) 466-4785 ext 109.


Human Resources Director/Resident Vocational Manager

If you need to speak to someone about Human Resources, Job readiness training or  job placement for our residents contact:

Helen Gay, Human Resources Director

(713) 466-4785 ext 103.


Client Services Team/Case Management

If you need to speak to someone about resident/client concerns or need information about resident programs, contact: 

Bri Foxx, Sr. Case Manager and Program Coordinator 

(713) 466-4785 (ext 113)

Tameka Pounds, Client Services Director 

(713) 466-4785 ext 102

Kimberly Hamilton, Case Manager 

(713) 466-4785 (ext 104)



If you need to speak to someone about a Tax Receipt, or about an invoice, please reach out to :

Mark Brockman, Accounting Manager

(713) 466-4785 ext 111


Spiritual / Church Services

 If you have any questions about providing church services, bible studies, or assisting with our Kingdom Expansion Program,  contact:

Geraldine Scott, Evangelical Pastor/Chaplain

 (713) 466-4785 ext 110


Resale Shop

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about Resale Shop Donations, hours of operation, etc. - contact:

Ms. Barbara Moore, Resident Director

(713) 466-4785 ext 108

(713)   466-1810    Resale Shop Directly

Board of Directors


Advisory Board

Board Members

  • Greg Smith, Chairman
  • Samantha Kennedy, Vice Chairman
  • Joyce Pankonien, Treasurer
  • Ellen Cody, Assistant Treasurer
  • Janelle Reid, Secretary
  • Michael Sinclair, Parliamentarian

Board Members

Advisory Board

Board Members

  • Terri Alexander
  • Susan Casias
  • Mike Crigler
  • Gradi Hamman
  • Todd King
  • Dave Schrandt
  • Manjula Shaw 
  • LeTricia Wilbanks
  • Debra Witherspoon
  • Kari Work

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

  • Dick Baker
  • Monica Hartland
  • Julie Pitts
  • Warner Roberts