Because You Care



July of 2018 Jessica and her 5 children came to The Mission seeking shelter. Jessica had only recently regained custody of her children. She has 3 boys, and 2 girls and all are in school except the most recently born (less than 1 year old) baby. 

Jessica grew up in a shelter for part of her life in Queen’s NY. Her mother was a single mom that was struggling financially after moving her family to America from Nairobi. Jessica admitted, as a young girl, she had made poor decisions with relationships, and had become involved with a man that was not a good influence for her children. However, living without his support, was impossible. She knew, in order to survive, she would have to leave everything behind, including the children’s father and she would have to start over. 

Because of her financial restraints, Jessica told us she had not celebrated Christmas for her children in over 9 years. After 5 months at The Mission,  Christmas came, and we were able to show her and her children a “Christmas to Remember”, thanks to our “Christmas on a Mission” event on Christmas Day. Jessica said this is the first time her children had actually ‘seen’ Christmas. They were overwhelmed with the snow, and Santa Clause and all of the excitement.   It was such a special day for them, they wanted to share with their cousins that came to visit them.  What a blessing it was to see each child give away two new toys they had gotten for Christmas to their cousins.  

Jessica has experienced counseling, parent classes, financial management and more with her case manager in just a little under 7 months.  She’s a quick learner and she’s eager to make changes in her life.   “Coming to the Mission was the best thing that ever happened to me.” – I’ve not only been able to get back in school, but now I am working toward getting my LVN … and I am moving into my apartment in February of this year! – I’m so excited. I feel much better prepared and ready to launch a new life for me and my kids. “

Jessica has now moved to her new apartment with all 5 children.   She’s working part-time at Texas Medical Center while she’s in school and expected to be promoted soon.  

For each one of our residents, your gift helps us make these things happen. Without you, we could not have helped Jessica and her family get to a better place.