"...tremendous blessing to my life."


Ashley Oti is a full time student at Texas Southern University and currently studying Pharmacology, in pursuit of becoming a Pharmacist. She has been resident at the Mission of Yahweh a little over a year now. 

According to Oti “the program has been a tremendous blessing to my life."   The Mission of Yahweh took me in at a very vulnerable time of my life and provided stability, support, encouragement, and hope of a better tomorrow. My case worker, Bri Foxx, sat me down when I first got here and asked me about the goals I wished to accomplish while staying at the Mission of Yahweh and I gave her a few. I wanted a car to be able to get around more conveniently, to get back into school, and when I feel ready move into my own place. So far I’ve accomplished 2 out of 3 of those goals. 

"Ms. Bri and the Mission of Yahweh constantly tries to find ways to help me out on my journey of becoming a better me.  She recently told me about an opportunity to be able receive assistance with paying for school & when I found out that I actually would be receiving the help I couldn't stop the tears! I really appreciate the assistance with covering my tuition, it feels like a burden has been lifted off of my shoulders at least for a semester, this act of kindness will not go in vain for I will make you all very proud!” 

The Mission of Yahweh is proud to serve you Ashley and we are proud of you!