volunteer spotlight - Gradi Hamman

continued from june 2019 newsletter

 Ms. Gradi Hamman joined The Mission of Yahweh Board of Directors in 2018, and soon after became the Board Programs Committee Chairperson.  Little did she know, she would become so immersed into the day-to-day routine at The Mission but the vast number of programs offered that needed review and enhancement, actually put Gradi to work right away. Gradi is a hands-on working board member that has a passion for seeing our residents succeeds. 

Gradi became very interested in helping the women at The Mission become employable and one area she felt she could be pro-active and hands-on was by creating a 6 week class she calls Journey to Job Readiness. 

This is a series of workshops that focus on the soft skills needed for securing employment. Practical employment-search skills embedded in the course specifically address topics related to accessing referral networks, using electronic resources for sourcing jobs and researching employers, identifying personal and professional assets they bring to an employer, developing a functional resume, preparing for the interview, and mastering protocols for keeping the job. 

Additionally, the program addresses financial challenges and the framework for successfully managing their earnings through budgeting practices. Our on-going need is for business and community representatives to volunteer as guest speakers and business panel members in various workshops. 

With two 6 week sessions completed, there have been 35 students, with 27 completing the course sessions and receiving a certificate of completion. Additionally 15 of the 35 residents have landed a new job! 

The residents have told us they really enjoy Ms. Gradi’s classes, because she engages them and challenges them. They’ve learned new things from the panel of professionals she’s brought in to enlighten them, and they are excited about re-entering the workforce with confidence. 

Thank you Ms. Gradi for all you do for our Residents! – We’re seeing wonderful results from all of your hours of effort!