Newsletter June 2019

Barbara Bush Children's Library Dedication


Thursday, May 16 was a joyous day for the Mission of Yahweh, as we dedicated the Barbara Bush Children's Library.  

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Overcoming OBstacles to Reach goals


Recently, Ms. Sharon, Mission resident and Workfaith graduate, was asked to share her testimony...

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Volunteer spotlight


Ms. Gradi Hamman joined The Mission of Yahweh Board of Directors in 2018, and soon after became the Board Programs Committee Chairperson.  Little did she know ....

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Note from our executive director


What is better than witnessing life transformation in the people we serve?  We are off to an exciting start this year as God has been doing a mighty work in the lives of our residents as evidenced by 10 professions of faith, 20 rededications, 12 baptisms and 6 baby dedications!  

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